Monday, April 5, 2010

Hans Lady

Esme has auditory processing difficulties. Which means that she hears (or interprets) words differently than most people.

Esme uses a lot of echolalia. Which means she repeats things she has heard over and over, often for no apparent reason.

Together, these two things make for some interesting (if not confusing) phrases being repeated over (and over and over) around these parts.

Such as...

It's time sit by ba-fa-day. ("Its time to sit by the wall today" - a song they sing at dance class)

Oh! Oh! Oh Hans Lady! (no idea)

Wha-mama!! (There is no way to type how crazy this sounds when she says it. It started as Chip from Beauty and the Beast saying "What's there mama?" and its turned into a monster scream of "wha-mama!!!")

Tins-ol-time, tins-ol-time! (Tale as old as Time, from Beauty and the Beast)

Here it goes! (no idea)

Make a me! Make a choice! (our best guess is The Little Mermaid, but its still a bit of a mystery)

ohnooooo Watchoutnooooo! (no idea)

Wait wait please! (Cinderella)

Surprise! Surprise! (Cinderella)

My fave it the 'Oh Hans Lady' because I have absolutely no idea what its from. And because its so cute. And because I like the Star Wars reference.

Like most Esme things, every now and then I get all caught up in how much I wish she wouldn't repeat these things over and over, how.... 'not-normal' it is. But I mostly I enjoy hearing her voice, and laugh when her words make absolutely no sense to anyone but her - and laugh even harder when her strange words suddenly make more sense than anything anyone else is saying! And like everything else, one day these strange words will stop. One day she will say more meaningful things and less random things. One day I will miss hearing about the 'ba-fa-day' and 'tins-ol-time' the same way I miss being called "My" or talking about "Lodie" babies. Now I'm Mommy and the world if full of "little babies' to explore.

Until these strange words change or fade away, I will smile whenever she starts going on (and on) (and on) about "Grumpy, Sloopy, and Doc." I will sing "There may be something there that wasn't there before" just to hear her scream "Wha-mama!!!".

And I will delight in every "Hans Lady".

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