Thursday, December 3, 2009

Playing Catch Up... part one

Yeesh, where has a month gone?!? Life has taken hold, and I'm afraid that blogging has fallen down quite low on the "Important Thing To Deal With" list.
I will try to do a bunch of posts to catch up on all the things that have happened this past month...
First, we went to Toronto to spend the night at a hotel and attend an Autism conference. The conference was great, and Esme really enjoyed the hotel. She would totally be a great vacationer if, you know, we had money to do that kinda thing! She was really into the whole hotel thing.

Since the conference fell over Halloween, we did some Trick or Treating at the hotel. Esme didn't really 'get' the whole thing, but she enjoyed walking around and seeing the hotel.

Mostly she loved the hotel playroom, which was well-stocked with toys and crafts. And the pool, of course. The girl loves to swim.
Oh, and they had fish.
We also hung out at the university, where Esme and her Nanny (Cameron's mom... Nanny like grandma, not childcare person!) snuck into buildings and generally hung around while Cameron and I finished up at the conference.

It was a great weekend, and so informative. Afterwards, Cameron and I really felt like we knew a lot more about the biology of Autism, learned about some different therapies we wanted to learn more about, and felt like we got our game plan a little bit more solid when it comes to helping Esme be the best she can be. Which, if you ask me, is gonna be pretty darn great!

(Please pardon the crazy spacing on the pics in this post... after 20 minutes fighting with Blogger to let me put a space after the text, I give up. You win this round, Blogger!)

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Brenda said...

That sounds like an amazing way to learn!! Is there a website for said conference? Do they have them in Ottawa?