Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Growing Pains

Three has brought some pretty big changes to Esme's life. Some have been easier than others. Some are happy changes, others sad. All of them bring with them an adjustment period as we all get used to growing up.

One big change is that Esme is no longer sleeping in a crib. Nope, she has moved into a "big girl bed".

She's hot and cold on the whole thing. While she does like laying in her bed, she is nervous at night and wants me to lay with her. She's been falling asleep sometime around 10 or 11 most nights, and calls for me all the time (just a little brag - she calls for me by yelling "I want Mommy!") She also tries the ol' "I want potty" trick to get out of bed too. And it works every time.
Because her sleep as been off, she has been tired during the day, and has even had a few naps here and there. A nap means a really late night, so that makes things even worse. She's been sleeping in like a teenager (10:45am was the latest this week), which would be fine except that we have to been on the road by 8:45am some mornings to get to therapy. She is quite a bear when I have to wake her in the morning. I wonder where she gets that from (Hint: It's not me.)
She would have had no problem staying in her crib. She was happy there, never tried to get out, and certainly wasn't too big for it (at 27 pounds there are infants who weigh more than she does!). But, after much deliberation, Cameron and I decided to get her the bed. It's so easy to let her stay a baby, to do things for her and to treat her like a child much younger than 3. Esme does not have that preschooler "I do it myself" drive. She doesn't push for independence. But when we give her a nudge, she rises to the occassion and shows us that, yes, she was ready for it.
Or, you know, she falls to peices and we see that no, she wasn't ready for it!
Esme may be just learning to talk, and she may be the size of a 2 year old, but she is a three-year-old now. She is supposed to start kindergarten in less than a year. While there are times when we would like to keep her a baby forever, she is getting older. She is learning and changing and growing every day. Some things come easy to us, some are really challening, and some things (like the new bed) fall somewhere in between.
We've got a lot of growing up to do. Growing pains and all.


Mark said...

Great post! We love your family and miss it very much.

Brenda said...

Ditto. tell Ezzy mad props on her big-girl-bed and to keep her eye on the mailbox.