Monday, September 28, 2009

The Final Vestiges of 2

Can you guess what Esme is doing?

I mean besides wielding that Stick Of Doom.... errr... toy fishing rod. And besides scaring her Grandparents with her sweet ninja moves, taking an eye out, or that 'OT nightmare' sitting position (she loves that W sit!).

Give up?

Why, she's getting ready to turn 3, of course!

We are in the final stretch of 2, with only Tuesday and Wednesday to go before the big 3! Well, I guess she won't truly be 3 until 9:15 at night on Thursday, but since she will be asleep by then we will go ahead and celebrate during the day.

Esme has been enjoying the last moments of 2. She has celebrated her birthday with her Grandparents, Uncles, Muzzie (great-grandma) and her Daddy and I. She has had a bunch of play-dates, and has been thoroughly enjoying school and gymnastics. She has made some new friends.

And she's been doing a lot of this.

Because what says "2 about to turn 3" more than avoiding posing for your Birthday-Party photo by refusing to sit still and running around on Nanny's hot-tub-cover.

Well, maybe this.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lovin' That Noise!

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer;
A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go.
Robert Burns
(Esme and her buddy at a local Scottish festival, listening to the bagpipes!)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Clowning Around


is why

the world


a clown!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Esme's Bedtime Book Review

Looking for some great books to read with kids? Just ask Esme. Esme is an expert on many, many books. Especially these four. Because she reads them numerous times a day, and has them read to her every night. Every. Night.

The classic "Just Go To Bed". Starring Little Critter, or "Hoppy", as Esme calls him. Hoppy avoids going to bed by playing with all his toys. Dad plays along as Hoppy goes through his bedtime routine, but eventually tires of it and tells him "Just Go To Bed!!" Hilarious, I assure you.
The highlights of this book include finding the mouse on every page, saying what the mouse is doing, the word "pajamas", and, of course, the part when Hoppy hops around like a bunny.
A must read. At least once a day.

Another classic. In "Where the Wild Things Are", Max is sent to bed (without eating anything!) after a day of acting like a Wild Thing! Suddenly, his room turns into a magical world and Max meets REAL Wild Things. He has a great time, but misses being where someone loves him "best of all".
Highlights of "WTWTA" include; the part where he chases the dog, making Wild Thing noises, the phrase "yellow eyes without blinking once", the whole "wild rumpus', more Wild Thing noises... according to Esme, the whole book is a highlight!
Another classic by Maurice Sendak. In this book, Papa has gone to sea and Mama is pretty despondent about the whole thing. Ida is left to care for her baby sister, but does a poor job of watching her and goblins steal the baby away. To be their bride. Because goblins are weird like that. Anyways, Ida takes her trusty Wonderhorn and sets off to save her sister.
Highlights of this book include; the baby... Esme just seems to really like this book. She reads it to herself all the time.

And finally, One to Ten and down again. The book we dread having to read. Also called "Balloon" around here, this book is Looooong. And repetitive. And its the last on the list of books we read before bed (see books above). We probably wouldn't dislike it so much if we were reading it at any other time, but by the time we pull this book out its usually coming up on 9:00 and we are loosing our voices. I think I can stand it more than Cameron. Nevertheless, in this book, a big red balloon appears in the sky, and any time anyone touches the string... up they go! All ten of them. And you can count them all each time.
Highlights of this book include; remembering the names of each of the people (especially #4 Tom Knockatthedoor), saying what each person says (especially "shoo shoo shoo"), when the balloon smiles, and the baby at the end of the book.
So there you have it. The current Greatest Books of All Time. Or at least of Bedtime.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gymnasts and Babies

Esme has decided that her gymnastics teacher is the Bee's-Knees.

Every Saturday after breakfast, we head out to gymnastics class to watch Esme run around with 15 other 3 year olds in what I can only describe as semi-organized chaos. Semi-organized may be stretching the truth a little bit.
The class has 3 teachers; two female, one male. Esme has apparently (as of her last class) decided that the female teachers are terribly boring. The male teacher, on the other hand, is the greatest-person-in-the-world. Ever.
Esme spent most of the last class standing right next to him. Or cutting the obstacle-course circuit short so she could double-back and do a hand stand with him again. Or casually reaching up and holding his hand.
When her group of kids would move from one piece of equipment to another, Esme would give the new activity a try, deem it nowhere near as interesting as the aforementioned male teacher, and jog back over to his station to hang out.
Oh, and she copied him.
Copied his every movement. Even when he got hit in the.... *ahem*.... you know..... and fell to the ground, there was Esme, rolling around in pain next to him, sound effects and all. She leaned against the wall with him while he tried to regain his composure. She helped him count at 'hide and seek time' rather than hiding. She pretty much did whatever he did.
We saw him do a back flip from standing the other day, without even touching the ground! I'd like to see Esme copy that!
In other news, today I found a little sample bottle of the shampoo I used on Esme when she was just a tiny baby. The smell of it reminded me so much of having a tiny, sleeping baby in my arms... So I spend a little while looking at old pictures of Esme, remembering those quiet (and not-so-quiet!) days.

I must say, I am actually missing having a baby around now that I am living with Miss "No bed! No bed! No rest! No night-night! Go away Mommy!!!!"

Not that I'm complaining. There is no sound sweeter than your child stringing together words on their own. Of course, "I love you Mommy" is a little bit sweeter than "Go away Mommy". But not by much.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We're back! And first day of Pre-K!

No, I haven't been abducted by aliens or fallen off the earth or anything so dramatic. We have been busy as bees around here getting ready for our home-preschool, starting home-preschool, getting ready for pre-k, starting pre-k, filling out and mailing forms, setting up new therapy program, starting new big-kid-gymnastics class, doctors appointments... oh, I could go on.

Big news! Esme had her first day of preschool. She loved it! She was a little quiet when I dropped her off, and her aide said she cried a bit and said "I want Mommy!" (yay, Esme!), but then she settled in and by the time I picked her up, she was happy and playing!
The next time we went she said "I want babies (the dolls in the doll center), I want Susan (her teacher), I want cake (her favourite cupcake toy)!" She happily went into the class without me and waved goodbye! When I came to pick her up she wanted to go down the slide one more time but told me "No Mommy. I want Lo-see (Lois, her aide)". I watched while Lois helped her down the slide! *cry*! I've been replaced!
Never fear, she was happy to come home and told me the next morning "No Lo-see!". Luckily it was not a school day.
Here are some pics of her first day of school. She was not interested in posing for posterity. Ah well.

The obligatory Thomas the Train backpack.

More updates to come, including... Esme's first crush!