Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quiet time

It's quiet time around here. After a loud morning. I'm getting back to my daycare roots, watching 3 kids (plus Esme) today. One has headed home already, one will be going home in a couple of hours, and one is here for the long haul and will be headed home sometime this evening!

Esme has done OK with the extra bodies in the house, but she definitely likes it more when there are fewer kids. One friend is fine, for a while. After 4 or 5 hours, she is ready to get back to her normal schedule.

She gets overwhelmed with so many kids here. And frustrated. And some not-so-nice behaviours start coming out.

So far this morning we have had 2 huge meltdowns and 3 head-banging incidents. When its just Esme and I, this is unheard of. But with the added stress of a friend or two in the house, Esme's ability to deal with stress is greatly reduced. And she is reduced to a puddle-of-mad on the floor.

Little things that would be easy to deal with (eg. feeling thirsty, say "I want juice") become impossible to deal with (eg. feeling thirsty, bang head off door as hard as you can while screaming).

In a few minutes everyone will start waking up and we will have snacks and head out to the wading pool. But right now I'm enjoying the silence.

It never lasts long enough!

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