Tuesday, August 25, 2009

(almost) Offically Homeschooling

I guess I won't really be officially homeschooling until next September when Esme is old enough to attend public school, but I ordered (or should I say, my mom ordered for me) a Preschool homeschooling curriculum for Esme. Even though Esme will be attending a regular preschool this year (starting in two short weeks!), I will also be homeschooling Esme, with the intent of continuing homeschooling next year (junior kindergarten) as well.
The curriculum is pretty easy going, and we won't we working on any 'school skills' (eg. ABC's, reading, math...) yet. The curriculum focuses on art, handicrafts, purposeful work, and the rhythm of the day.
I will also be using this curriculum to run a small preschool out of my home, 2 mornings per week.
I am really looking forward to starting homeschooling with Esme. It should give a little more structure to our time together at home, and should motivate me to continue finding different ways to engage Esme and get her interested in the world around her (and not just the world in her head, which, to be honest, seems a lot more interesting than the world around her sometimes!).

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Anonymous said...

That is an awesome idea Zane!! you will be good at that and the routine will probably suit Ezzy just fine. Does she have a couple of friends that will be joining her?