Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The post in which Esme gets Whatever She Wants. Including sushi.

Remember when Esme wanted something and would let us know by crying. Or whining. Or grabbing it. Or slapping me in the face...

No more!

Now we hear things like "I...want... Popsicles" or "I... want... swimming pool" or "I... want... Pesh (that's her 'special' teddy bear). Now her hearts desires are only a sentence away. Three simple words have us rushing to get her a Popsicle, or fruit, or crackers, or toys, or to read her a book, or do whatever she asked for. 'Cuz you gotta reinforce language like that, you know. And because its so cute to hear that little voice of hers!

She has even been asking for sushi. Yes, Esme, the world's pickiest eater, painstakingly strung together the words "I.... want... shoo-shi". Her plain rice and plain peas and plain beans did not compare to the lure of sushi. And she wolfed it down like nobodies business.

I will add that it was not sushi full of peas and cauliflower, the only two veggies that Esme will normally eat. In fact, it was full of cucumber! and avocado! And she ate it! And she asked for more!

"More... shoo-shi?"

I guess I'm going to have to learn to make the stuff.

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Anonymous said...

GO EZZY!! make the universe bend to your tiny adorable will!!
We had sushi for dinner last night. i understand the glorious pull of sushi delciousness.