Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's new with Esme

Esme has been up to all kinds of things lately, the most important of which... she started her IBI therapy this week! It went really well, and I think she is going to like her therapist, which is so important. We just had our first 'team' meeting for the therapy, so we are not officially started yet (that is next week), but we've all met and are ready to go!

Esme has also been quite chatty lately, and has learned a few new skills. She is 'singing' along when I sing her favourite songs, like "Wake up Toes" and "Pie". She is counting to 20, although 10 - 20 are jumbled up a bit.... but she's getting it. She is saying "hello" and "bye". She is responding more to her name, and is especially listening when I yell her name, if she is in danger or is being naughty - something she didn't do before!

On the bad-ish side of things, she has also developed some echolalia from her favourite TV show (Pocoyo) and is heard repeating lines from the movie now and then. The good part is that she is saying more than one word at a time when she does it, but I do wish her first sentence could be more comunicative than "Please dance, Pocoyo, we want to!". It is nice to hear her stringing words together, and I know one day soon she will be able to make up her own sentences and not rely on Pocoyo's help!

And right now shes just waking up from a 3 (!) hour nap. More updates to come!


judy said...

hooray!! i'm so glad IBI is starting! i can't wait to see all of the positive changes it will bring.

try not to worry too much about the echolalia. it would be so much worse if she were repeating lines from family guy or something. pocoyo's a pleasant learning experience.


Anonymous said...

Go Ezzy!! you will be awesome at therapy.
what's her therapist like Zane?