Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catching Up...

A lot has been happening around these parts...

Esme had her first soccer "practice". She actually really enjoyed it a lot, and kept up with the other kids no problem. If it wasn't for the fact she doesn't talk, you would just think she ran around a little bit more than the other kids. Gross motor activities are her current forte. If only soccer was played in the pool, she would be in heaven. Maybe I should look into water polo...

Father's day = Fun with Daddy and swimming in Grandpa's (Grampy) pool. This was our first father's day since Cameron's dad passed away, so the day was bittersweet, but Esme woke her daddy up saying "Happy. Daddy. Day." which was cute beyond words. She had made everyone a cement step-stone for the garden, with a hand print and / or glass beads in it, and she made everyone press her hand into it to 're-d0' her hand print. We went with Esme and Nanny (Cam's mom) to a little farm to see the animals. Esme liked looking at the ducks and fish, but mostly enjoyed the park at the end of the farm. What can I say, the kid loves to swing!

Today is our last day of our special needs singing group. I am sad, as Esme has really done well in the class, and has looked forward to going every Tuesday. I hope I can stay in touch with some of the families I met there - even though our children have (sometimes very) different challenges, it is nice to meet other parents who are dealing with children who don't follow the typical developmental path. After class we usually go swimming, which is Esme's favourite part, of course.

And it is official! Esme will receive full time support in preschool next year. I didn't really doubt she would get a full time aide, but I was a bit worried, as she really will need the one-on-one help to succeed. I am so hoping that preschool is a success for her - I know she will learn so much from watching the other kids. Maybe even, oh, I don't know, potty training?

A mom can dream!

And finally, here is a picture of Esme making sure she doesn't get her dress wet in this puddle. You can never be too careful.

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Anonymous said...

This is the most awesome photo to date.
GO EZ!! way to get a full time aide! make her do your bidding kid!