Friday, May 1, 2009

Update and thanks

So, what's Ezzy up to these days?
How about....

Saying her first 2 word sentence.... Chase me!
Telling us "Love!" all the time. (OK, it sounds more like "Lop", but we know what she means)
Going down slides at the park! (she's been afraid of this all year)
Saying her friends names. Or trying to.

And all sorts of other things. I am so hopeful about all the things she will learn to do once we get the therapy underway. She is learning so much these days.

And if you were wondering...
So far we have raised enough money to pay for.....

2 and a half weeks of therapy! Yahoo!

Pretty good for one week of fundraising, if I do say so myself. We've got fundraising ideas we are banging around, so we are hoping that total will skyrocket once we get those underway.

And if you were wondering... a week of therapy will cost around 150 dollars. A day - 30 dollars. You can only donate 10 dollars? That's 30 minutes of therapy. Who knows what Esme could learn in those 30 minutes.

Thank you all - those who have donated, those who are reading this blog, those who keep Esme in their thoughts and prayers, and everyone who is helping us out as we plod along.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

GO stinker!!
Nice work Ezzer! These are all very important things.
She's gonna rock therapy.