Saturday, May 30, 2009


Esme saw her very first movie-in-a-movie-theatre today... Up! We decided to not go to the 3d version, as wearing 3d glasses and having things popping out at her may have spelled disaster for our first movie. We played it safe with boring ol' 2d.

She really enjoyed it, and sat nicely for 1.5 hrs (counting the 30 minutes of previews!) before getting off her seat and rolling around on the floor (yuck.). In honor of this momentous occasion, we got Esme her very own cup (read: bucket) of fries and some juice to enjoy during the movie. She polished off the fries a short time after the previews finished, and the juice box was done soon after.

We heard a lot of "Wow"s and "Look!"s. She laughed out loud a few times and delighted in looking at her daddy every time something funny happened so they could laugh together.

All in all, Esme gives the movie two thumbs up... or should I say two fist pumps with a great big "Yyyyyyes!"

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