Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top 10 Great Things About Ezzer

10. The way she smells every flower and plant she can get her hands on (including grass) with an exuberant inhale and a satisfied "Ahhhhh" every time.

9. The way she quietly sings to herself, hitting only the important words, like "Yes... name... Piggle..." or "Now...C... next... me" or "Bus.... round.... town".

8. The way she knows the words to all of her favourite books, and the way she grabs your head and turns it back towards the book if you dare stop reading for a moment.

7. The fact that all her phone conversations go something like "Hi.... Love... Bye". With some prompting.

6. Her new favourite game - Bouncing up and down (or having a toy bounce up and down) while saying "Bum... Bum... Bum!". And giving anyone who doesn't know what that means a condescending look.

5. The way she always mixes up Mommy ("My") and Daddy ("Da-ee"), and the way she laughs and shakes her head when she corrects herself.

4. The way she says "Oh dears!" when something goes wrong.

3. Her new phrases "Tickle me", "Chase me" and "Kiss me" and the way she tries to use "me" in every context now (eg. "Book me", "Bubble me" and the all-encompasing "Me!")

2. The quick kisses she gives out as she goes about her day.

1. The way she makes us thankful for so many moments that we might have otherwise taken for granted.

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judy said...

you missed how she says "ooooooooooooooooooooooooh" when something catches her eye. i love it. and, in fact, have adopted it as my own when i'm at home.