Monday, May 25, 2009

How-To-Zoo (by Esme)

Hello loyal Esme readers. It's me, Esme! Here are some pictures of my latest outing... the Toronto Zoo!

Here I am with my traveling companion, Pink Bunny Jr.

First things first, let's get rid of the dead weight in favour of a more lively travel companion. Sorry Pink Bunny.

Ah, a little boy makes for a much livelier zoo excursion. This one walks a little slow sometimes - always wanting to stop to look at the animals and such. But no bother, I can hurry him along.

Tips for a great date #1 - check out the local music scene.

#2 - Find interesting things to talk about. Rabbits, for instance.

#3 - A walk on a sandy beach is always romantic. Shovel and pail are optional.

#4 - If your taste in music, titillating conversation and romantic gestures don't get 'em, you can always show off your physical prowess.

Peuf, all this excitement. I need a break. Now that we've got dating covered, I will share with you some of my knowledge about the animal kingdom.

As far as I can tell, this is a squirrel eating celery. My mom tried to tell me otherwise, said something about a Prairie Dog and grass... but if I'm not mistaken (and I very rarely am), that there is a squirrel. Eating celery.

These are fish. Giving them any other name is redundant. Fish will do it. Anything else is just showing off.

What we've got here, friends, is a bird. It's best to hide behind a friend when coming across one of these. One can never be too sure with birds.

When observing animals it is best to get up as high as you can. The more dangerous your perch, the better.

As you can see, the alternative perch leaves a little to be desired.

Well, that about does it for me. I'm off on another adventure.

Come on buddy, let's get moving.


Anonymous said...

Esme rocks!

Anonymous said...

I fully support the arbitrary renaming and misusage of any and all terms. I dig the squirrel.
Love Brenda