Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best Buddies

Tomorrow we have one of Esme's best friends coming for the day. He used to be one of my "daycare kids", and we try to have him come for a visit now and then. Esme loves him and they play very well together - not every kid knows what to do with Esme, as she sometimes acts like other children aren't in the room and can get upset if they come too close to her. She has a few friends who know the way to her heart... chasing. The girl loves to be chased.

I am sure the day will be full of screaming, running, chasing, and crying (you know, when they fall down because of the aforementioned chasing and running.)

Sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of a bunch of kids in my house. I miss the screaming and laughing and playing and madness that is a home daycare.

And then I, you know, come to my senses.

But I am looking forward to tomorrow. Watching Esme and her buddy hug and kiss is the sweetest thing you can imagine!

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Anonymous said...

AAWW have fun with your best friend ez. won't be the only time she's got a boy chasing her.