Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We made it!

After all the fuss, we made it. Esme's assessment is done, and (hopefully) we will have an official diagnosis in two short weeks.

I think it went pretty well - Esme played in the room with the therapists while we spoke to the doctor, and by the sounds of it she was not very interactive or verbal... which is how she usually is when shes not with Cameron or myself. Just how we wanted her to act, so they would have a fair view of what kind of behaviours we are concerned about.

I get the feeling that the diagnosis isn't in question too much, and I am really hoping we can close this "finding a diagnosis' chapter in the next few weeks.

As much as it sucks to know that your child has so many challenges, it will be good to have a diagnosis. I think.

After a long morning, we hit the park and did some swinging.

Nothing like swinging after a stressful day.

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Anonymous said...

Ezzy is an excellent swinger.
Give her a squeeze for me.