Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Big Day (tomorrow)!

Tomorrow is the big day. We go back to see the developmental pediatrician and (hopefully) get a diagnosis. I am feeling pretty good about everything - I think it will be a good thing to be able to put this diagnosis search behind us. In any case, I feel like we have accepted that Esme does have autism, and are moving forward with that. The diagnosis will just make it official for everyone else!

On other fronts, we have begun attempting potty training Esme. Or 'potty learning', if you prefer. We had a good couple of days, but today has been The Day of Very Large Pee Accidents. On the floor. And couch.

Nothing like cleaning up a puddle of pee to keep you in the moment.

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Anonymous said...

heyyyyy potty training- that sounds tricky.
good luck lovelies! you can do it!