Friday, February 6, 2009

Another week...

Pheuf, what a busy week! On top of our usual 3 days of babysitting, we had family up for a couple of days, visits from friends, an OT assessment and our usual speech therapy. Plus around a thousand phone calls to other ASD parents and therapists… you know, the usual.

Esme loved having her uncle and grandma up for a visit this week. She is pretty smitten with her uncle – he is one of the few people she will ask to pick her up. He taught her a new game where she pretends to eat her play food and says “Mmmmmm! Yumyumyumyumyum”. She cackles like a wild-woman when we do it back to her!

The Occupational Therapy assessment went well. I thought I would have to really fight to get her therapy, but they seemed to assume she would qualify from the moment I walked in there. I know she will qualify once she has an official diagnosis of ASD, but I wasn’t sure what would happen with a ‘suspected ASD” diagnosis. Her fine motor skills aren’t bad, but her play and social skills are very delayed. Her play skills have come so far in the past 6 months (she didn’t play with toys at all before then), but she is still not age-appropriate. In any case, she should be starting OT in the fall, or earlier. These waiting lists are killer – a six month wait is nothing! Our speech therapy won’t be covered until the fall (a 14 month wait from when we were referred) – we are paying out of pocket for a private therapist now. Anyone who knows how important early intervention is understands how terrible this wait is.

At speech therapy today I asked the therapist if she thinks there is any chance that Esme will not get an ASD diagnosis. She said no, Esme will be diagnosed. She is sure of it. My big fear right now is not getting a diagnosis (and not only because it is costing us and arm and a leg to have the assessment done!). I just want it to be official so we can accept it and move forward. Two weeks from today is our first appointment with the psychologist for Esme’s assessment. We will see her two times after that before we have an answer. I hope the appointments are not spread too far apart, but we will see.

Until then, we will keep on truckin!

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