Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Big Day!

We did it. I thought I never would. At first I was so excited, but now I am filled with dread and sadness....
We signed Esme up for school!
A preschool in our city has been really really recommended to us as the best preschool in the area, and great for kids with special needs. I was looking through our free twice-weekly newspaper on Friday and saw that their open-house and registration day was Saturday. So we went. And we signed her up. Three afternoons per week. Baaaaah! I'm freaking out already!
She loved it there and was quite upset to leave. The teacher we met had worked at the preschool for 16 years (and was the 'new' girl!) and the president of the board of directors' son also has autism. We will apply for a full time aide when we get Ezzy's official diagnosis, but she might not get the full three hours covered. We hope so, because without an aide she probably will have problems playing with the other kids.
It will be good for Esme to have kids to interact with on a regular basis, but for a shorter amount of time per day than full time daycare. She will be almost 3 years old when she starts at the school in September.
That gives me 7 months to prepare!

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