Thursday, January 15, 2009

Appointments Galore!

Add another 2 specialists to our roster! We made an appointment with the psychologist to do the diagnostic test for Esme. Only a month wait - that is so much better than the 18 month wait we have been looking at. We do have to pay for it, and it isn't a small amount, but it will get us what we need - a formal diagnosis so we can start receiving the services Esme needs. February 20th is our first appointment, but she will see us 2 or 3 more times after that before we get our results. It is a fairly in depth diagnostic tool.
We also are in the process of booking an appointment with a DAN! doctor for biomedical treatment. He is about an hour or so away, so it will be a challenge to get there for treatments, but we will make it work. That appointment should be in March or April. I will find out for sure tomorrow.
We are still waiting to make our appointment with the occupational therapist, though I don't think we will get in to that therapy until the summer or fall.
Esme currently attends speech therapy once a week and will start more in the summer or fall.
Esme's dance card will be pretty full for the next little while. We do get out to playgroups now and then, and I babysit a few times a week, so she does have some friends to spend her free time with.
This week we went to a large playgroup with some friends. It was so heartbreaking to see what a difficult time Esme has in a big group, and how far behind she is with her language, play and social skills. I know she will improve with time, but I hate that this has to be so hard for her, when it comes so easy to most other children.
A lot of the time I feel so frustrated, it just doesn't seem fair that we have to be dealing with all of these specialists and challenges when we just want to be enjoying our daughter. But then she will ask to cuddle or give me a kiss and I count my blessings.

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